You can easily build lipid barriers with a variation of the Dr. Denese products we have to offer. Our liquid based serums contain high concentrations of ingredients you need like lipid soluble vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants, retinol, and essential fatty acids. Your skin barrier can be affected by many things like what you eat, stress levels, wearing sunscreen, and many other factors. Scratching your skin or putting your face under a hot shower can also weaken your skin and tear it away. Dr. Denese serums and other products will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling clean and smooth. We have one that is specifically for your chin and neck where your skin can wrinkle more than other places. It will leave your neck appearing more youthful and radiant. It will make your skin stronger and more firm too, which is important for your overall health. Dr. Denese formulas are full of ingredients that will provide the results you’re looking for. Our experts have perfectly formulated it over the years through rigorous testing and research. You can get the most for your money with our selection. Build lipid barriers right away by using any of our high-quality products. It’s just one step in our overall process of improving you and improving your confidence.

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