The Effects of Bad Sinuses on Faces

Everyone has dealt with the common cold. The good news about colds is that they usually only last a few days, unlike pesky allergies. Allergies can be a nuisance for frequent sufferers. From the painful, itchy eyes to the congestion, allergies, or any recurring sinus condition, can make a potentially great day into a terrible day. Aside from making you feel awful, there are some unsightly effects of bad sinuses on your face that can make you look your worst. We all want to feel our best first and foremost, but looking our best is still important!

Effects of Bad Sinuses

One of the worst effects of bad sinuses on your face is the redness that accompanies frequent sinus problems. Most sufferers of sinus problems have redness surround their nostrils from repeated use of tissue. This can make your face appear flushed and contribute to the appearance of uneven skin tones. While make-up can hide most blemishes, such as acne or scars, it can be tricky to completely hide the effects on your nose of bad sinuses.

Another of the unpleasant effects of bad sinuses on your face is the unsightly swelling. While severe sinus problems can cause swelling of the entire face for a puffy look, the most common side effect of bad sinuses are swollen eyes. Aside from being uncomfortable, swollen eyes make you look tired and older than you may be. It can also make it harder for your beauty creams to work their full magic.

Whether dealing with a minor flare up of allergies or a more serious case of persistent sinusitis, it can really wreak havoc on your beauty routine and overall appearance. While make-up can attempt to hide the problem areas on your face, there are a few other tricks you can try. Obviously, the most important remedy is to consult your doctor about treating the underlying sinus condition. Once you and your doctor have agreed on a treatment approach, you can try beauty remedies such as sleeping with a humidifier, applying tea bags to irritated eyes to help with swelling, and using tissues with calming oils in them to avoid sore nostrils.