Neck Tightening Exercises

Looking younger has long been a goal of both men and women. While most people pay close attention to the skin on their face in the search for eternal youth, the skin on the neck is a dead giveaway of age. Even with the use of beauty products designed to combat the effects of aging on the skin of the neck, the underlying muscles can actually be the culprit to a saggy appearance. In addition to anti-aging projects, it is wise to do basic neck tightening exercises. These exercises can make the muscles stronger while improving the elasticity of the skin at the same time.

Neck Tightening Exercises 

When looking for results with minimal effort, neck tightening exercises are easy and free!

One of the best exercises to tighten a saggy neck is to place your hand on your forehead. Try to push against your hand, but keep your hand in place no matter how hard you push your head. This works the muscles in the neck and jaw.

Another helpful exercise is to sit in chair and look up to the ceiling, stretching your neck as far as you can. While your neck is in this stretched position, mimic chewing with your mouth closed to work the muscles supporting your jaw. You can also look towards the ceiling while and make a kissing pout if the chewing motion is too strenuous. The kissing exercise can actually work different muscles than the chewing exercise, but it is really a preference of what you feel comfortable with.

When doing any type of exercise, it is important to be able to feel the slight strain of the exercise. However, you never want to strain to do an exercise that is simply outside of your comfort zone or range of motions as it may lead to possible injury.

When looking to perk up the appearance of your neck, it is important to use anti-aging products, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen. When looking for an extra weapon in your anti-aging arsenal, neck tightening exercises could make a great addition!