The Biggest Skin Care Mistake That Most People Make

Q: What is the biggest skin care mistake most women make?

The other days I received the following question from a Journalist:

Hi @DrDenese! I'm a journalist with a question. What's a skincare mistake all women make that isn't the end of the world?

I would say the lack of proper exfoliation. Most people think they exfoliate but based on my clinical experience as a doctor 8 out of 10 women do not exfoliate properly.

What is the penalty for not exfoliating enough?

Clogged pores, leading to enlarged pores.  Dull, sallow, lifeless looking skin, multi colored skin (uneven skin tone), skin that is lacking radiance and glow.

Why is it not a “tragic” mistake?

Because it is reversible. Once you start exfoliating as per the best of science, you will see a quick improvement.

How do you exfoliate properly?

Exfoliating to the right degree is not easy to do.

I have taken the guess work out of it for you and I made a product called Advanced Firming Facial Pads that delivers the exact scientific  dose of exfoliation for every night.

No more guessing: is it enough, is it too much, it is just the right amount. If you are dry/normal use it every night. If you are oily use it twice a day, day and night.

You will see results in days.

What are the results?

These pads shrink the look of pores. Deep clean your pores for the first time in a long while.

Even out your skin tone. Take of dead old skin cells that cloud your complexion and bring fresh young skin cells to the surface so your skin develops a radiant glow.

It helps visibly soften the look of lines, you will be pleasantly surprised how clearly visible the effect.

It helps to firm the look of your skin and bring a radiant glow back to your skin.

And you do not have to wait  long for all these benefits.....