How to Treat your Skin in Different Climates

Regional skincare - How to treat your skin in different climates.

Regional Skin Care

Dry climates such as Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. In these climates, it is critically important to use a serum with skin identical lipids that will bond with your skin’s own lipids; in order to rebuild the skin’s all important Skin Lipid Barrier. Without an intact Skin Lipid Barrier, the skin rapidly looses water and develops dry lines and wrinkles almost immediately (the prune effect). As we grow older, the Skin Lipid Barrier is compromised even further so it especially important to fortify the Skin Lipid Barrier in these climates in an aging skin. It is rare to find the right serum with Skin Identical lipids so I developed our Hydroshield serum for exactly this purpose.

Harsh Winter Climates:

The upkeep of the all important Skin Lipid Barrier is also critical in harsh cold climates. Otherwise you will develop dry lines and wrinkles almost overnight (from rapid dehydration). Please make sure to use our Hydroshield serum, which is the ultimate dehydrating and Skin Lipid Barrier protecting tool when the weather turns cold.

Humid climates:

Exfoliation is absolutely critical during the humid months, otherwise you will have more clogged pores than you know what to do with. Exfoliate every single night. I designed our Facial Firming and Exfoliating pads with 10% glycolic acid as the ultimate exfoliating tool. You will also need a once a week, deeper exfoliating session with a Light Peel or microdermabrasion cream or device.

Sunny Climates:

SPF 30 Sun protection 365 days a year. Sun protection that you are happy to live with such as my SPF 30 day defense cream is critically important. Our SPF 30 Defense Day Cream serves three functions: it is your day cream, you do not need another day cream. It is your SPF 30 UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection and most importantly, it makes you look beautiful. It has coverage, it is matte and dewy and it has a unique self adjusting color that matches nearly any skin color. This unique self adjusting color feature is achieved with melanin, the inherent color pigment of your skin so the color pigment in the jar matches the color pigment of your skin.