Benefits of Walking

Exercise. You either love it or loathe it. For many, exercising is their favorite part of the day and they can’t wait to get out for an intense run. For others, it takes all their willpower to even drive to the gym. While a lot of fitness enthusiasts insist on hardcore routines like the CrossFit phenomenon or running ten miles a day, most of us prefer a more low-impact form of exercise, such as walking. Walking has become a popular form of exercise for a variety of reasons. There are countless benefits of walking each day that makes it a better fitness choice for a lot of people.

Many people lead sedentary lives where they move from car to office chair to car again and then to couch. We sit all day and studies have proven it takes a toll on our health. One of the main benefits of walking every day is that you sit less and live longer. People who sit too much have shorter life spans than people who primarily spend their days walking or standing. Another one of the benefits of walking each day is an improvement in your overall mood, as any form of exercise, even brisk walking, can release positive chemicals in the brain and help regulate healthy levels of endorphins and dopamine. 

People think the way to get the benefits of exercise is to push themselves in extreme ways. The undeniable benefits of walking each day shows exercise does not need to be intense and leave you too sore to move for it to be a worthy endeavor. Walking daily, when combined with a healthy diet, can lead to weight loss and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Walking has been proven to be gentler and less damaging to the joints located in the knees and ankles which can prevent injuries or health problems later down the road. Walking has also been proven to lower blood pressure and help in the management of diabetes. With so many benefits of walking each day, it makes sense to add this activity to your routine for a better quality of life and improved health.