Dry Skin Treatment

We all want skin that is youthful and glowing. A major barrier to the skin of our dreams is dryness. Dry skin can not only make us tired and older, but it can also cause discomfort and in extreme cases, embarrassing flaking and peeling. It is important to know the cause of your dry skin when choosing a dry skin treatment. Treating the dry skin without addressing the cause may not eliminate the problem.

The most common causes of dry skin are winter weather and sun damage. The first line of defense in dry skin treatment is prevention. When exposed to the sun, always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is an everyday essential and not just for the beach! People who avoid wearing sunscreen are not only more vulnerable to dry skin and wrinkles, but they are twice as likely to get skin cancer without it. Cold weather skin woes should be combatted with a morning moisturizer rich in nutrients and wearing gloves and scarves.

Another dry skin villain is excessive exfoliation. If you notice your skin is drier than usual, examine how often you are exfoliating and try exfoliating every other day instead of every day to see if this is part of the problem. Other culprits leading to dry skin can be harsh irritants in cleansing products or simplifying the aging of skin.

When the root causes have been addressed, you can start looking for dry skin treatment in the form of nutrient-rich beauty products. There are many products available when choosing a dry skin treatment, and it can become confusing.

One way to cut the confusion and possible clutter to your vanity is to know what key ingredients to look for in products. Look for products featuring ceramides as the main component because they can mimic the substances naturally in the outer layer of skin and hold moisture in place. Glycerin is another ingredient known to keep moisture locked into skin. Mineral oils and petroleum jelly ingredients are known to protect skin’s natural moisture during showering or swimming. Whatever products you apply to your skin, you should always carefully read the ingredients for the best results and to achieve not only relief from dry skin, but skin that is radiant and healthy.