Personal Microdermabrasian Kit (PMD)

Dr. Denese


What is it?

This is a professional grade clinical microdermabrasion device very, very very similar to what you find in doctors’ offices and entirely different from what you find on drug store shelves. Professional microdermabrasion can revolutionize your current skin care and take your skin care to the next level because it can achieve results that no topical skin care can achieve. It will amplify the effectiveness of your current skin care.

What kind of results can you see?

Dramatic, clearly visible changes after just one session in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, texture, tone, clarity, pores and the firmness of the skin. We have magnificent, un retouched before and after photos to prove.

Who is it for?

Anyone who feels that her skin care has reached a plateau and her skin is no longer improving. This device can take your skin care to the next level by making your current skin care far more effective. If you have clogged pores around the nose, dull lifeless looking skin, dry skin, or oily skin with clogged pores: the improvement can be striking.

Why is it different?

This is a two phase microdermabrasion process: diamond tip polishes, exfoliates dead, old, gray skin cells, at the same time gentle vacuum sweeps dead skin cells away, revealing fresh, young plump skin cells. The vacuuming phase is extremely beneficial to your skin, this is what makes it so similar to what you can find in doctors offices. It is in no way harmful to your skin!

Research Results:

  • 100% clinical subjects reported: forehead wrinkles dramatically softer
  • 100% clinical subjects reported: crow's feet and wrinkles around eyes visibly and drastically improved
  • 100% clinical subjects reported: wrinkles around lips and expression lines around mouth visibly and significantly improved
  • 100% clinical subjects reported: skin appeared more firm, lines, wrinkles appeared less and skin appeared brighter, more clear and luminous


Oily skin: 3-4 times per week. Dry skin:1 time per week.

You are getting 4 tips and 40 filters. One tip last at least 10-15 sessions, so the tips and filters can last you about a year.

Safe around eyes.

Each session takes about 5 minutes, there are 5 levels of intensity please start with level 1. Detailed instructions enclosed.

***Note: Clean diamond tip after every use with Q tip and alcohol. Replace after every 20-25 sessions. Replace filters after every 2-4 uses.

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