Foundation Makeup

Dr. Denese advanced formulas will provide the results you’re looking for in your makeup. It will improve the firmness of your skin, without drying it out too much. You can get the perfect complexion that you’ve always desired with our foundation makeup. When you combine that with Dr. Denese tinted moisturizer, you can get the most incredible, radiant coverage that you’ve ever experienced. With choices in light, medium and tan, you can discover one that’s perfect for your skin.

Whether you’re looking for something for your eyes, face, or one that works anywhere, we have something for everyone. Our tinted moisturizer has three different color choices, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Hydrate your skin and give it everything it needs to achieve a perfect complexion. You get all of this while protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Dr. Denese also has several different choices of foundation makeup that will make your face look better than ever. Not only will you feel younger, but you will also look younger! Whether that’s using her hydrating treatment powder, an illuminating foundation, or a retexturizing foundation, they will all provide real solutions.

Our results come from our innovative technology and creative formula that Dr. Denese put together. Using Actizone Firming Factor and Stem Biotechnology, we will improve your skin’s texture and appearance very quickly. Each product is unique and provides incredible results, be sure to read into them before purchasing to ensure you’re making the best decision. If you need help deciding what would be best for you and your skin, our friendly staff will offer assistance. They’re all knowledgeable and passionate about skin care, just like you are. We’re always here to help in as many ways as possible!