Weekly Beauty Treatments

All women want to look and feel beautiful. The easiest way for women to look their best is to remember that pampering is not just for special occasions anymore. Pampering yourself should be done on a routine because you deserve it! Following suggested weekly beauty treatments helps restore a youthful beauty to the areas most noticed by others. Beauty treatments can be easily divided into three main categories to keep you on track. These three categories are hair, skin and nails.

Weekly Beauty Treatments

One of the most essential of weekly beauty treatments is to make sure you properly care for your nails. While manicures and pedicures are often recommended to be a bi-weekly treat, the frequency really depends on your preference. However, make sure to properly moisturize cuticles with a deep cuticle moisturizer and remember to keep nails trimmed. In between pedicures, it is recommended to soak your feet in warm water mixed with relaxing Epsom salt to keep skin and nails pristine.

When it comes to caring for your hair, one of the most widely used weekly beauty treatments is applying a hot oil treatment. These oils help restore moisture and combat frizzy, dry hair for a lustrous look. Make sure to properly massage the oil for the specified time to aid in blood flow and follicle repair at the root.

Finding the right routines for skin care can be daunting. While there are a multitude of weekly beauty treatments related to skin care, essential elements are cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Aside from the daily routine you have in place for glowing skin, doing a more intensive weekly routine will repair any damage occurred from stress, sun damage, or lack of sleep to ensure your skin is always looking flawless. While most women make sure to follow this three-step method for their faces daily, the skin on the rest of your body needs the same amount of care.

When it comes to these essential weekly pampering needs, you can easily break it up over several days to help you stay on track or make a day of it with your friends for a stay-home spa party. With simple routines in place, you will be looking your best all the time!  

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