Lip Liner Tips

June 29, 2016

Lip Liner Tips

While you probably don’t ordinarily use lip liner in your daily routine, you might be surprised at just what a flexible and useful product it can be. Not only can proper techniques make using this product easier and quicker, saving you time and enabling you to fit it into your busy mornings, but there are also many simple and effective ways to get various looks with the same tube. Once you know the best lip liner tips, we are certain you will come to use it every day of the week! Here are some of our favorite methods:

Most people who have lip liner know the general purpose of applying it before lipstick to keep their makeup in place and looking great all day long. However, using it after the lipstick can be a great option as well. If you put lipstick on first, you will have a defined feature to line, making it quicker and easier to apply the liner. Also, as your lipstick fades, it will fade with the liner, creating a more even and natural look, rather than you ending the day with a ring around your lips!

If you are like us, even using liner the traditional way can be a challenge. Not everyone is artistic - or coordinated, and creating a fine line around your lips is an easy thing to mess up. Break up this task into smaller steps to make it easier to tackle. Start in the middle at your cupid’s bow by drawing a small “x,” and fill in the corners of your mouth and bottom lip line. Then you can more easily fill in the rest of your lips. Breaking the task up into smaller steps will help you keep great control and write a beautiful line.

When it comes to colors, there are many different lip liner tips to fit whatever situation you have in mind. Bold, deep reds can help you stand out, but you do not always want your lips to be the center of attention. Try using a nude or light pink shade of liner without any lipstick and blend it into your lips. This can help give you more definition and highlight your lips while also keeping them looking natural. You can create all the great effects of liner and lipstick, including plumper, larger lips, without needing to spend a lot of time on your makeup. If you plan on using lipstick, use a contrasting darker shade liner for the bow and middle of the bottom lip, while using a lighter shade for the rest. This will help give you the volume you want while keeping your lips looking natural!

Using liner to accent your lips does not need to be a long and arduous process. Even the littlest touch can add a lot of definition to your lips and help you get the look you want in no time. There are dozens of lip liner tips out there that can help you do things you might not have thought of before, and this will surely become one of your favorite makeup products. Take time to experiment and go for the look you want and you might discover a new great technique - a little bit can go a long way!

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