Lip Exfoliation

Anyone who spends a lot of time in cold, dry weather knows well the hazards a tough environment can have on their lips. Like any other skin on your body, lips can become cracked, flaky, and lose their luster and shine. Regular use of lip balms and other forms of protection can go a long way to preventing damage, but dead skin cells will still build up over time and tarnish the look of your lips. Take the time to occasionally perform some lip exfoliation to help revitalize your skin and make it look its best in no time. Lips are just another part of your face, so you should treat them with all the same care and love that you give every inch of your skin!

Lip Exfoliation

Performing a lip exfoliation does not necessarily mean you need to order expensive or hard to find products. You can get the job done yourself from the comfort of your own home more easily than you might think. Here are some of our favorite methods for removing the dead skin cells from your lips to ensure they look their finest every day:

Affordable and easy to use, a simple toothbrush provides all the scrubbing action you need to take care of your lips. Buy a separate brush just for your lips so you can ensure it stays clean and add in a bit of petroleum jelly to make the process more comfortable and rehydrate your skin. Make sure to find a brush with soft, straight bristles, as hard bristle brushes can cause too much wear on your skin.

Sugar Scrub
An extremely popular method around the world, you can create your own scrub at home with ingredients found around your home. Sugar is popular because it is cheap and effective, and making a scrub that doesn’t taste terrible is a plus as well! Mix sugar with a bit of olive oil to create a paste that you can rub into your lips, the longer you work, the more exfoliating action you will enjoy. Best of all, the oil can automatically hydrate your skin, though if you want to be extra safe, follow up your treatment with some lip balm to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Baking Soda
Useful for pretty much everything, baking soda can be used as an exfoliant as well. Mix it with a bit of water to create a paste and you can apply it to your lips with a toothbrush or washcloth. Once you are done scrubbing, be sure to wash off any leftover paste with water. Using this method will not provide your skin with any moisture, so be sure to follow up with your favorite lip balm to keep your lips feeling great.

Honey Sugar
Combining two of the best things in the world can help you make a treatment that is soft, gentle, and pleasant. Mixing sugar and honey creates a fine paste that you can apply to your lips for some effective exfoliation. This method requires more time, however, as you will want to leave your mixture on for at least a few minutes before washing it off.

Having a great lip exfoliation routine does not require professional help. Make your own favorite solution at home and get the best treatment for your lips quickly and easily. You can make this simple task part of your normal routine and ensure your lips are always perfectly healthy and ready to shine for you every day of the year!

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