How Often to Get Haircuts

Most people care about their appearance. Whether concerned with premature aging or looking for a confidence boost, physical appearances are an important aspect of our identities that we pay close attention to all of our lives. When it comes to healthy, beautiful hair, the key is routinely caring for it with moisturizing conditioners and protecting it from damage. Another key element is knowing how often to get haircuts.


One of the obvious benefits of routinely getting haircuts is that your hair will look better because it will be healthier. Split ends, considered dead follicles, are not only unhealthy for your hair, but they also are unsightly and can make hair look older. With freshly trimmed locks, hair will feel lighter and easier to care for as well. Knowing how often to get haircuts is also a great way to try something new with your style.

The real question is not why to get them routinely, but how often to get haircuts. For women’s hair, it really depends on the length of the hair, as well as how often hair is chemically treated or exposed to excessive damage. Long hair needs to be cut frequently because long hair is often older and therefore more fragile. If you want to keep long hair healthy, it is recommended to receive a trim every 8-12 weeks. For mid-length hair, typically defined as shoulder length, a cut is recommended every 6-8 weeks to keep it at the same length. If you are trying to grow your mid-length hair longer, every 8-12 weeks will help keep hair healthy while growing. Short hair, considered above the shoulders, has the most frequent trimming needs with cuts being suggested every 4-8 weeks to maintain desired length. If growing out above shoulder hair to mid-length, cuts are suggested every 6-12 weeks.

While many have been told that to stimulate hair growth, you should have your hair cut more often. However, there has been little to no evidence that this is actually true. What matters the most in regards to haircuts is that you are keeping your hair healthy and free from split ends for radiant locks!

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