March 19, 2016



Retinol. Nearly all dermatologists would agree that the number one anti aging, anti wrinkle agent is retinol.

The problem is that it takes a very high percentage of retinol  to be effective and at these high levels,  retinol can be drying and irritating.

Our Retinol Maximum Serum (FirmaTone Rx Retinol Maximum Firming Serum) solves this problem. We combined  very high levels of retinol with lipids that are virtually identical to your own skin, in order to counteract the problem of skin dryness.  So now you can enjoy the anti- wrinkle and firming benefits of high percentage retinol and you do not have to suffer the consequences of dry skin.

The unique combination of these ingredients are,  our own innovation, there is no product like this in the cosmetic marketplace.

We have worked nearly 5 years to perfect our Retinol Maximum  Serum, but it was well worth the effort because we love the results!

QVC has the most strict legal department in the entire cosmetics industry. If they approve a claim: you can count on that claim to be true.

Here are the claims that the QVC legal department allows us to say:

  1. helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  2. helps improve skin firmness
  3. this unique combination of technologies and ingredients help target two major problems that make us look older - lack of firmness and deep, defined lines and wrinkles
  4. helps decrease appearance of crow’s feet
  5. helps improve skin texture
  6. helps brighten and even out skin tone
  7. helps reduce the look of pores
  8. In a consumer study 80% reported: skin looked dramatically firmer after 3 weeks
  9. In a consumer study 90% said their forehead appears more firm after 3 weeks
  10. In a consumer study 90% stated their eye area appeared more firm after 3 weeks
  11. In a consumer study 90% stated their chin area appeared more firm and 80% stated their chin area appears more refined after 3 weeks
  12. In a consumer study 100% stated lines and wrinkles appeared visibly reduced after 3 weeks
  13. In a consumer study 90% stated there was a dramatic change in skin texture after 3 weeks
  14. In a consumer study 80% stated skin appears brighter and has a radiant glow after 3 weeks
  15. In a consumer study 100% stated the look of pores had diminished after 3 weeks.

This is a strong, potent serum, so  start with every other day, at night and graduate slowly to every day. If you get  irritated, stop, recover and start again.

I stand by this serum 100%. In my medical office I was able to spot a retinol face (long term Retinol user) from a distance because they looked so much younger that their age. Something to think about.

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