Dr. Denese Gives us Notes on Maturing Skin

Notes on Maturing Skin by Dr. Denese
  • Some of the most important changes in the skin as we get older are: dryness, loss of hydration and the development of dry lines. There are many reasons for this however, one of the most important one is the decrease of the inherent skin lipids that serve as the Skin Lipid Barrier to prevent Trans Epidermal Water loss. Our Hydroshield series addresses this very problem. Our unique, trademarked Hydroshield Technology delivers these missing skin identical lipids to your skin so we can restore the all important Skin Lipid Barrier to stop Trans Epidermal Water loss and restore hydration in our skin the way Nature intended (Hydroshield Face Serum, Hydroshield Eye Serum, Hydroshield Dream Cream).
  • The other major problem with aging skin is the decline of the skin’s own natural exfoliation process. This results in dead, old, gray skin cells accumulating on the skin surface and giving a gray, dull, tired look to the skin. Our Advanced Firming Facial Pads are the quickest, easiest way to get rid of gray, old surface cells and to bring in bright, fresh young skin cells to the surface for a radiant complexion that appears to be firmer as well. Also, if you exfoliate the correct way, whatever you put on your skin next will work much better.
Adrienne Denese, M.D.

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