Cleaning Sunglasses

Having fun in the sun is one of life’s best feelings. When hanging out at the pool, lake, or beach, it is important to protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses. You look good, the sun is out of your eyes, and you prevent wrinkles? It’s a no-brainer. However, when you’re living it up in the sun with your shades you need to make sure you’re cleaning your sunglasses on a daily basis.

Why is cleaning your sunglasses a big deal? Germs! Bad skin! Eye Infections! If none of those are part of your summer plans, read on for why it is important to keep your glasses clean.

Dirty sunglasses are not only an annoying side effect of too much salt water. Not keeping sunglasses clean means they can collect harmful bacteria that sits on your face. While this is gross, it is also bad for your health. It leaves you vulnerable to eye infections such as pink eye. Another benefit to cleaning your sunglasses regularly is clean glasses prevent oily residue build up on your skin. When you’re wearing sunscreen and sweating in your sunglasses, it does more than make them slip off the bridge of your nose. It creates an oily film on your skin that can lead to acne breakouts and irritated skin.

To help prevent oily residue build-up and avoid the side effects of dirty sunglasses, they should be cleaned daily by running them under water. You can wash them with warm water and mild dish detergent or any mild soap designed specifically for glasses to keep them sanitary and clear. Just be sure to avoid any harsh cleaners containing alcohol such as window cleaners, especially if cleaning prescription sunglasses. Pay special attention to not only the lenses but the frame and any nose pads, which can be the biggest offenders in harboring bacteria. To avoid scathing your glasses, it is recommended to dry them with a cloth made for eyewear.

Remember, this is not only a summer task. You should clean them regularly throughout all seasons to keep your sunglasses one of your favorite accessories all year long!

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