Foundations and Moisturizers

All women want to look their best when they step out into the world. Putting your best face forward can require a lot of work. For a glowing complexion that will leave others envious, it is important to start with the basics. The two most essential elements to flawless skin are moisturizers and foundations.

A well-moisturized face is like a blank canvas, free from imperfections. When choosing moisturizers, it is important to keep in mind the different types you need to create flawless skin. It doesn’t take just one moisturizer to get results. It takes at least two different, but equally important, moisturizers to keep skin nourished.

A morning moisturizer should be light and non-greasy, yet rich and with SPF 30 to prevent dryness and wrinkles. You should always apply moisturizers to a clean face and with 3-5 minutes of washing your face to lock in the moisture. The other essential moisturizer you will need is nighttime product, preferably with the superpowers of Retinol, to repair damage and nourish while you sleep. When these two beauty routines are consistently followed, you will have glowing skin that primed and ready for makeup to enhance your beauty.

The next essential part of fabulous looking skin is foundation. When choosing from the vast number of foundations available, you need to peruse many shades to find the one perfect for your skin tone. It should highlight your skin and not cover it up completely. You want a natural blending of color to achieve a polished look. You should also know exactly how much coverage you intend to apply, so foundation doesn’t appear caked on. A good recommendation when dealing with foundations is to use your fingers for a little bit of coverage and a sponge for when you want more coverage. Maybe women use concealer first and then foundation, but it might be more flattering to do it the other way. Using foundation first allows you to use less concealer which helps because concealer tends to be lighter than foundation and looks obvious when too much is used.

With the right moisturizer and foundation together, you can always feel confident about your best face!

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