Self-tanner Guide

June 08, 2016

Self-tanner Guide

With the undeniable damage the sun can do to skin, causing wrinkles, dark spots, and cancer, it’s no wonder more people are getting their glow with the help of self-tanner. A self-tan tends to be more even than a natural tan and without embarrassing tan lines to worry about. Tanning at home, instead of at the beach, is a much safer and sometimes easier option. It can also lead to some at-home disasters if you don’t read a self-tanner guide or two.

At home tanning is a process. First, you have to find the kind of products you want to get your desired result. As any good self-tanner guide will tell you, different products create different levels of skin color changes. If you are very pale and want extreme results, you are better starting with a mid-point goal in mind to avoid looking too artificial or dark. It is also recommended to use tanner sparingly in certain areas such as knees, feet, and elbows, as you may end up with elbows and knees much darker than the rest of your tan.

Always wash your hands immediately after applying self-tanner to avoid embarrassing orange hands. Another important tip from a self-tanner guide is to exfoliate before applying any tanner. Exfoliating removes dead skin and can help create a more even glow. Once exfoliating is complete, the next step before applying any tanner is to properly moisturize with a rich lotion to make sure skin is prepped and ready for your summer glow. 

When applying self-tanner to the face, always use less than you think you need and use a Q-tip for the areas of the eyebrows for precision coloring without coloring your brows themselves. Another safe bet for tanning your face is to mix the tanner with your favorite moisturizer to avoid applying too much color. It is better to tan in a gradual way, especially for your face, then to try to get the desired results all in one self-tanning session.

Always remember that even with an at-home tan, sunscreen is still your best friend when you’re at the beach showing off your summer glow!

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