Hair Care Tips

We all want hair that is lustrous and full of body. Many people could benefit from some simple hair care tips and an understanding of what hair really needs to look its best.
Most of us have a basic understanding of hair care, such as wash and condition regularly and go easy on the heat from dryers and straighteners. Great hair can be a result of following advice and using the right products, but more so it is about understanding why certain hair care is emphasized. The most important elements to achieving great hair are cleansing, moisturizing, and protection.

We all know to wash our hair and while we argue about how often is best, there should be no argument about the amount of product used or what to avoid. Avoid using too much shampoo as it can strip away natural oils and dry scalps out. The best amount recommended by most sources for hair care tips is a quarter sized amount, slightly less for hair above chin length and slightly more for hair beyond shoulder blade length. Always use the right shampoo for your hair type, whether oily or dry and stay away from harsh chemicals such as sodium sulfate.

Another important tidbit gleaned from most hair care tips is that moisturizing your hair is just as important as keeping it clean. Using an in-shower conditioner after shampooing is simply not enough to keep your hair in pristine condition. A quality moisturizer locks in hair's natural oils and saves your strands from drying out, breaking, and frizz.

Many hair care tips suggest sunscreen as an obvious, yet still often forgotten, part of maintaining healthy hair. We all know how important sunscreen is for our skin, but often forget to protect our strands from sun damage. Hair is often damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays and leads to brittle, dry hair prone to excessive breakage and dullness. Many hair care products featuring sunscreen often combat common hair struggles while offering protection, such as frizzy or dry hair. Whatever tips you follow; it is essential to keep the basics in mind when caring for your strands.

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