Hair Moisturizer

May 05, 2016

Hair Moisturizer

Know Hair Type to Properly Moisturize

Everyone wants to have healthy, beautiful hair. Hair needs to be properly cared for to achieve that goal. For a healthy head of hair, consideration must be given to what products to use and how often. Most of us know a quality shampoo and conditioner are a must for great hair. But what about moisturizers? How do you know which ones are best for your hair care needs? To understand what to look for in a hair moisturizer, it is best to know what hair type you have and go from there. Most people buy hair moisturizer without really understanding hair type and waste a lot of money without seeing much results.

If you have straight hair, a common concern is a lack of volume. Straight hair tends to thinner and can accumulate more oil. Some with straight hair would rather have curls. Find a moisturizer that targets whatever area your hair is dealing with instead of choosing a blanket hair moisturizer. Seek out products that specifically deal with your hair type.
Due to the thickness of wavy hair, it can be sensitive to humidity and easily accumulate frizz. A moisture-rich hair moisturizer such as HydroShield hair moisturizer by Dr. Denese, can lock in the much-needed moisture and tame the frizz of wavy hair.

Curly hair may have a lot of volume, but it often lacks sheen and can become frizzy easily. It is often much thicker than other hair types and requires a strong hair moisturizer capable of treating the damage curly hair often acquires, from tangles to dryness.
Of course, hair types are only part of the equation. It also depends on how often you color or blow dry your hair, exposure to the sun and elements, and the hair care products you use. Regardless of hair type or core hair problem, it is important to use hair care products that are a moisturizer with SPF. Sun can damage and age hair just like the skin, only it’s harder for us to see it. A good hair moisturizer can save you a lot of hair fretting, if you know your hair type before shopping and focus on what your hair needs.

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