Benefits of Putting Caffeine On Your Skin

May 05, 2016

Benefits of Putting Caffeine On Your Skin

Don’t Just Drink Your Caffeine

Many of us have been warned about the dangers of caffeine wreaking havoc on our skin. While it is a mostly known fact that drinking caffeine in recommended amounts of 1 -2 cups a day can lead to better moods, memory, energy, concentration, and possibly lowering the risks of heart disease, it can sometimes make skin look less than perfect. Energy drinks, sodas, coffees, and teas, when consumed too frequently, can lead to dull, dry skin. However, studies are showing that instead of just drinking our caffeine, we should be applying it directly to our faces as well.

Many skin care products now feature caffeine in their active ingredients and for good reason. There are many benefits of putting caffeine on your skin. Caffeine can help fight free radicals which cause premature aging of the skin that leads to the wrinkles we all worry about. These anti-aging skin care products can help eliminate puffiness and fine lines, two common worries when dealing with face skin treatments.

The use of caffeine infused skin care products also helps with fighting sun spots and restoring lost elasticity. Caffeine can be used as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes. The powerful antioxidants in caffeine are especially helpful in reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles and firming the skin near the problem area of the eyes.

People who suffer from rosacea may find relief in caffeine infused skin care products because caffeine aids in the circulation of blood which may help reduce redness and irritation.

It has been suggested by studies that caffeine skin care products can help reduce the risk of skin cancer by inhibiting skin cancer cells growth and may also help prevent UV damage to the skin.

Whether looking for the restorative powers of anti-aging skin care products or relief from skin irritation, caffeine applied directly to the skin may be the answer you’re seeking. Caffeine as a topical treatment has become popular on the beauty skin care product market. It’s important to know what results you’re seeking before rushing out to purchase any and all skin care products containing caffeine. Caffeine is a great addition to a well-rounded and personalized skin care treatment plan and can certainly add a little extra boost to your morning face.

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