Keratin Hair Treatments

What You Should Know About Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin hair treatments have grown in popularity over the last few years. Most people have hair that has been dyed or blow dried one too many times, and all the wear and tear weakens your hair’s keratin. What is keratin and why is it so important to have a hair treatment done on your locks? Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair, and it can become damaged over time. This damage will cause your hair to appear frizzy and dry.

Many women opt for hair treatments to maintain the sleek, polished look of hair fresh from the salon without the hassle of actually having to flat-iron it or really do much to it beyond normal hygiene requirements. 

Keratin hair treatments restore the health to your strands by applying a treatment and then applying heat from a salon-grade flat iron to lock in the keratin. There are some things to keep in mind after your keratin hair treatment. It is not recommended to wash your hair for up to 4 days after your keratin hair treatment because it may undo the effects of the treatment and it needs time to work into the hair strands. It is also highly recommended to use a hair care products free from sodium sulfate to help extend the life of the your treatment. If cared for properly, a keratin hair treatment can last up to two months.

Keratin hair treatments can be expensive to upkeep and may not solve the underlying issue that causes many to suffer from dry, frizzy hair. It is important to understand that proper hair care is an ongoing responsibility and not just a quick fix solution. Hair care is an everyday choice to treat your strands. Always make sure to use a super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Follow-up with a hair care product such as HydroShield hair moisturizer with SPF to protect from sun damage, to really lock in deep moisture to help prevent and eliminate dry, frizzy hair.

Keratin hair treatments are popular for a reason. They give you beautiful, healthy-looking hair and when combined with a healthy hair treatment routine, including hair moisturizers, can keep your locks luminous and lovely.

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