The Dr. Denese 30 Day Skin Care Challenge

March 11, 2016

The Dr. Denese 30 Day Skin Care Challenge

The Dr. Denese 30 Day Skin Care Challenge:

We all love our Dr. Denese Skin Care products, and this is a way to see exactly how well they work! This is a very simple Challenge! If you give Dr. Denese Skin Care 30 days of using the products as directed, you WILL see a difference in your skin! That is all you do!! You use Dr. Denese Skin Care products for 30 days, and every Monday will we discuss our results with one another on the Dr. Denese Facebook page. 

The Dr. Denese Skin Care Challenge 

1. We do an initial "check-in", and his can be with a "before" picture, or just a description of the skin care issues you are having, and the products you are using. It doesn't matter how little, or how many, Dr. Denese Skin Care products you own! If all you have is eye cream, then you can join the challenge. You just work on your eyes for 30 days. Everyone is welcome to be involved in the challenge.

2. We will do a weekly check-in every Monday to check on our progress. We have found the weekly check-ins help us all stay on track with our skin care routines. Plus, it is fun sharing all of our results. When you start to see a difference, you will want to share it with the world!!!

In doing our check-ins, we can share our pictures and/or simply write a description of the changes we are seeing in our skin. I do hope you will take "before" and "after" pictures, even if you choose not share them with the rest of us taking the challenge. By looking at your pictures, you will be amazed at the differences in your skin at the end of the 30 days!! If you are going to take pictures, please feel free to share them every week if you are so inclined. Or, show a "before" picture and then your "after" picture at the end of our Dr. Denese 30 Day Skin Care Challenge.

Every Monday, Dr. Denese Skin Care, will write a post inquiring about your skin care routines and if have you seen any changes in your skin, as well as other similar questions. Under that particular post is where you will be leaving all your comments and questions, including your pictures if you so choose.

On our final check in - we will look at all your beautiful "before" and "after" pictures, read all about your skin changes, and discuss how well the product worked, and how we feel about our new skin! You will be amazed at what your Dr. Denese Skin Care can and will achieve in 30 days of regular use!!

A random participant will receive a gift at the end of the Challenge. I hope you are as excited as I am for the Dr. Denese 30 Day Skin Care Challenge!!!

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